About us

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Vaccipharm Limited is a reputable pharmaceutical company that has distinguished herself in the distribution of vaccines, insulin and other pharmaceuticals. We also provide consultancy services in cold-chain management in both private and public sectors.

Vaccipharm Limited has recently ventured into the distribution of high quality medical and surgical consumables which include endoscopic disinfectants, surgical sutures, anaesthetic and respiratory products, rapid test kits and sterilization packaging products.

Our Clientele

With a broad and growing customer base of over 200 healthcare institutions and corporate organizations, Vaccipharm Limited has become a trusted brand in the Nigerian healthcare system. Included in this customer base are retail pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, educational institutions, religious institutions, multinational corporations and government agencies and parastatals.

Vaccipharm Limited is committed to excellent customer service, providing products and services that are uniquely tailored to satisfy our customers

Regulatory Compliance

Vaccipharm Limited is duly registered with the Pharmacist’s Council of Nigeria (PCN) and we have successfully met and passed all the requirements of Inspections carried out by PCN’s Compliance Team for cold chain pharmaceuticals/vaccine wholesale.

Vaccipharm Limited also ensures that the products we distribute are all NAFDAC Registered products to assure the quality of our product offerings to our clients.

Vaccipharm has over the years demonstrated relentless commitment and still does, to highest quality standards.

More About Us

Our Core Values

Vaccipharm Limited is “Committed to saving lives”. Our guiding principles are Integrity, Dedication to the highest standards and Customer Satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be a one-stop pharmaceutical shop for healthcare professionals in Nigeria.

Our Mission

Vaccipharm Limited is committed to being a leader in the Nigerian healthcare system, engaged in the sales, marketing and distribution of high quality vaccines, pharmaceuticals and medical consumables; and also consultancy services to the highest professional standards in Nigeria.

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