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Vaccipharm Nigeria Limited

About Us

“Vaccipharm Limited” is the first indigenous company to be established solely for procurement and distribution of cold-chain pharmaceuticals in Nigeria. The company, established 22 years ago has evolved to become a leading pharmaceutical company specializing in the distribution of human vaccines and sera for childhood and adult diseases, insulins, cold chain pharmaceuticals and other specialist drugs for various fields of medicine e.g., cardiology, fertility etc.

The company currently distributes over thirty (30) vaccines nation-wide to prevent potentially life-threatening or crippling illnesses in childhood like vaccines for hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough (DPT), measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), polio and Travel vaccination including Typhoid, Cholera, influenza, Hepatitis A and Cerebrospinal meningitis, Rabies; as well as life-saving sera like Anti Snake Venom, Hepatitis B and Tetanus Immunoglobulin, Anti-D for Rhesus negative women etc.

Health and Safety Management

Vaccipharm Limited is comitted to being a safety conscious, responsible & accountable company. Employee, Customer, Community & environmental safety are the focal points of our business.

Coporate and Social Responsibility

At Vaccipharm Limited, commitment is not only to investors and customers but also to the society at large. This is reflected in our various Corporate Social Responsibility projects to be launched soon. WATCH OUT!

Access to Wellness

Today, many patients want to play a more active role in their health. That is why Vaccipharm Limited offers information and support to help you better understand the vaccines and health care products your doctor may prescribe and the conditions they prevent and treat.

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